Natan Elkanovich
Getting To Know The Artist

Natan Elkanovich’s artwork is that of a true illusionist and a craftsman of the canvas. His works will have you moving just to view them from new perspectives. Perhaps you wish to be up close and personal, analyzing his unique techniques, enjoying the impression of the textures and patterns on your eyes, or to catch a glimmer of the Swarovski crystals he often uses to give a tasteful flare. Or rather, you are more of a “forest for the trees” person, preferring to see the composed image from afar, to see the “bigger picture”, so to speak, coming to find that it’s your very own, beloved Oprah, or possibly an image paying homage to Natan’s roots, offering insight to Israeli culture.
The possibilities are endless with Natan.

Combining both elements of youthful primary colors and their patterned designs – made from the mixture of plastic materials including silicon and acrylics to name a few, Natan’s masterpieces always stand out, figuratively and literally. This is because the material genuinely is risen and textured on the surfaces of the canvas. All his materials are applied using kitchen utensils on canvas or aluminum.

Natan’s works invite the viewer to reconnect with their sense of innovation and, upon looking at such pieces, be reminded of focusing on the details, but not forgetting the main picture. Such art as Natan Elkanovich creates, truly inspires and motivates, always keeping with the theme of harmony and an appreciation for the beauty of humanity and evoking a deep sense of gratitude that is poured into the paintings by Natan himself.