Elkanovich’s Different Series - A Brief Overview

With such a unique style, when you look at Natan Elkanovich’s stunning work you probably get lost in a world of wander –and it’s truly no wonder why. Each piece of art is skillfully crafted from scratch using a combination of plastic materials like acrylic and silicone and applied with a variety of kitchen utensils, giving the paintings an atypical 3D effect. From Elkanovich’s choice of mediums, style and themes, there’s something about his innovative artistic touch that everyone can enjoy and his series make this statement even more powerful.

Natan is always working on new themes, you can currently find numerous artworks featured in the following collections (some artworks fit into several categories): Comics, Homages, Humanism, Israel/Jewish, Male, Urban, and Icons. 

• Comics •

This 3D series brings your favorite childhood characters to life by featuring beloved cartoon personalities including Pinocchio, Jessica Rabbit, Mickey Mouse and Superman –to name just a short few.

• Homages •
Elkanovich puts his personal twist on critically acclaimed works and artists with this innovative series featuring names and titles like Best Friends by Keith Haring, Utopia by Henri Matisse and Cupid’s Kiss by Antonio Canova.

• Humanism •
Here, Natan explores the human experience – and purpose,
through his pieces.

  • Judaic Influence •

This series is very dear to Elkanovich, that emphasizes components of Israeli-Jewish culture


 • Male •
The Male series celebrates the intricacies and intimacies
of the male body form.

 • Urban •
This modern theme depicts human interactions in urban settings.


  • Icons •
Perhaps one of the most popular of Elkanovich’s themes, Icons are all about featuring iconic celebrities like Marylin Monroe, Oprah, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and a host of others.




You can explore more of Elkanovich’s series through
his social media channels below.