Born in Moldova, former USSR, 1966.
From 1976 lives and creates in Israel.

Attended Shenkar, College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv.
Bachelor of Design Degree in Fashion Design.

Since 1995, Natan works as a senior costume designer in the Israeli cinema and television industry.

Ever since painting became an integral part of his life, Natan has worked to develop his unique painting technique, in which he mixes all kinds of plastic materials in different quantities, which include, amongst other things silicon and acrylic, which he then applies on the canvas.

This medium creates a 3D texture on the surface. Sometimes he adds Swarovski elements and all kinds of glitter to the end result. The materials are painstakingly and entirely made by Natan, and there is no machinery involved in the process.

To date, Natan Elkanovich he has been awarded four Israeli Academy Awards for best costume design. One of the highlights of Natan’s career was to design the costumes for internationally acclaimed actress Gal Gadot’s last Israeli movie prior to being selected to play Wonder Woman. When their work together was done, he presented the actress with her portrait.

In addition to the paintbrush, Natan also uses kitchenware to apply these self made materials. As he recalls, this stems from his deep seated roots in the kitchen, embedded in him from early childhood.

“Most of my time after school was shared with my Mom in our kitchen. She was an excellent cook and I used to sit with her there and talk to her, do my homework, draw in my sketchbook and help her with all the cooking. I would decorate the food before it was served, creating small works-of- art from food by using a variety of Kitchenware.”

Natan`s motto in life is love, appreciation, respect and gratitude for people and the environment in which he lives. He illustrates this in his art.

In his words: “I was always entranced by people and I consider myself a humanist.  What interests me in particular is the positive side of human beings. I’m not interested in dealing with hate, envy, anger, war and other negative aspects of humanity.”

“I was always driven by love: the love of family, friends, of nature and its surroundings and the love of creating. Perhaps because of this, when I paint I choose to emphasize those positive aspects of humanity, such as love, yearning, nostalgia, longing, appreciation, honor and gratitude.”

Natan executes portraits of famous people and paints homages to famous works-of- art which have influenced and impacted his life deeply both through philosophy and Pop Culture.  By painting them Natan expresses the respect he has for them and their great impact on his world. In his words: “I paint famous people and homages of art works by great masters that have had a deep impact on my life, as did my parents and teachers, who heavily contributed to my spiritual worldview and are depicted in my paintings too.

These people were my ‘babysitters’ and by painting them now, I express, without the slightest hint of cynicism, my great appreciation and endless thanks to them for building my inner world. My paintings come from my great appreciation and personal gratitude to the painted figure and not out of a desire to educate or preach any message other than love.”

Natan`s paintings are exhibited and sold at prime galleries all
over the world, and are included in numerous private art collections.

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